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How to Start

What makes Stolen Lunches bible studies so unique is that we open up our bible studies for everyone to join.  We believe bible studies are special. They allow for questions and vulnerability among everyone participating.  The obstacles with holding weekly bible studies revolves around what time, date and location fits best for all parties involved.  God gave us an amazing vision to open up our bible studies for all to see!







1st Step: Name Your Bible Study

What is the name of your bible study?  Your answer should be fun and inviting for all to want to tune into your bible study.

For example, the first bible study we had was called, Stolen Lunches for Women.  This bible study is for women only.


2nd Step: Commit to Your Bible Study

When will your bible study meet?  Will it be weekly or monthly?  Here at Stolen Lunches Bible Study Community, we ask that you make a six month commitment.  This allows for others to familiarize themselves with you and begin to follow your bible studies.


3rd Step: Broadcast Your Bible Study

We are a virtual bible study community!  As soon as you launch your first bible study you will have hundreds if not, thousands of people tuning into your bible study from all over the world to be fed by God's word.  

You will be given a phone number with an access code. Please dial into this number at the start of your bible study.  This is the easiest form of communication.  As your bible study grows and you wish to take it to the next level, then you can implement the video component for all to watch your bible study from anywhere in the world.