Latasha Johnson Anderson, SLW



For those of you who don't know me that well...I'm a control freak. It brings me comfort and a quite joy. Joy in knowing that "I" accomplished something and comfort in knowing that "I" checked every last detail over and over again smile emoticon WELL...I joined the Stolen Lunches lunch hour bible study on Periscope today expecting God to speak to me, but not to THIS one thing. Not to the thing that brings me secret security, joy and comfort. Well, HE did. The topic was on "Faith Now" and at the end I declared to trust God in every area of my life. Since he and I both can't steer at the same time, I take my hands off the wheel! ‪#‎faithnow‬ ‪#‎faithjourney‬ ‪#‎faithinaction‬ ‪#‎faithwalk‬ 




Alana Weaver, SLW



I invited two of my best friends(friends from elementary ) to Stolen Lunches.  They both are going through some hard times. One is going through a situation very similar to the young lady who shared her testimony about not having a place to live.  Throughout the testimonials my friends were balls of tears.  I have been encouraging them but it was so inspiring for them to hear the testimonies of other women. Marlon your message was exactly what we needed.

Thank you both for being obedient to God's calling.  

Love you ladies to life.



Deelva Dash, SLW



Hi, my name is DeElva and I recently join the StolenLunches family. Throughout the short time I have been apart of the bible study I have learned about our Saviour and how he gets us through of daily struggles. This past year has been a year of many ups and downs for me being the type of individual that I that has there life completely mapped out and how things should go. In the 2015 I was blessed with completing my Master's Degree in Student Services...*Whoop whoop go me*. So, with having that milestone under my belt I'm assuming that it wouldn't be a problem for me to find the job I have been longing for that right...*Boy Was I Wrong*.I was working at a Child Development Center that I started working at while I was in school just to have money in my pocket but dying on the inside because it wasn't what I wanted to do or something I was placed here to do. So, one day I just went home and cried because at that moment I felt like I was the biggest burden on my parents...I went from being on my own at the age of 17 (with there support of my decision)to returning home and having to rely on them at the age of 26 as well as i felt like I couldn't catch a break. So, it was the bible study that I attended via Periscope because I live in SC right now where Jasmine spoke and she stated that a young lady reached out to her stated she quit her job because of what she stated at bible study. I thought about what could've possibly be said that was that powerful to where someone would be willing to just up and quit because of a statement someone else made. Then, it was that moment when I started the stages leading up to my Godly epiphany. Every morning I would get up Thank God for Another Day...Read My Daily Scripture...and Read My Daily Word by Joel Osteen, during the days leading up to my Godly epiphany Joel Osteen daily word seem like it directed to my life. It was honestly like two weeks of you don't like your current situation I'm going to bless you with better days, new and great things are coming, you will be blessed abundantly, a new wave of greatness is heading your way you know all the messages you would need to keep pushing and make your way to your better days. Then, it was the big Soul Knocker of Letting Go and Letting God and have faith that he's going to take me right where I need to be. So, that's when it hit me once again I cried my eyes just speaking to God and asking him is this really what he want me to do...all I heard was Yes. The moment when you realized that you were in the wrong seat in the car called your life is truly a major impact to and soul shaking experience. Once I turned in my notice to terminate my employment at the child development center the days leading to my last day I was completely nervous and afraid of what is to come next. Now, that my last day has came and pass I'm at ease because my God said you have put your Faith in Me and I will Not Fail You. I say all of that to say this I thank you ladies each and every single day for your message through bible study because you help me gain a closer relationship with God that I thought I already had. I am grateful for the StolenLunches and Periscope for allowing me to be in your presence at a distance. I know everyone is saying that 2016 is their year but in the year of 2016 I want it to a year filled with abundant blessing for everyone. May God Continue to Bless You Lovely Ladies and My Sisters in Christ.



Rev. Julia, SLW


MAY 2015

SL it was off-the-chain!  Lol...but we thank God for the ability to call in!  I took so many notes and yes, Janine was powerful but YOUR STORY moved me to tears!  I never knew your story until today!  I was working and listening and I kept asking myself, did she give someone else the opportunity to speak while I was multi-tasking???  Oh wow, thank you for being honest and transparent showing how God can and will use a willing vessel.  Bless you!

Another powerful moment was when Janine said LORD, HELP ME TO LOVE MYSELF LIKE I'VE LOVED OTHERS!  And the reminder I am a gift to this planet.  Yep, that'll go up on my wall in my bedroom for sure.  I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit teaches me what needs to be said when I need it.  

Love ya,

Rev. Julia



Cicely C. Mitchell, SLW


JUNE 2015

Thank you so very much for today's wonderful Bible Study! 

As I will lift these phenomenal women up in prayer, I will ask that you and they do the same. 

My mom died in November and my life has not been the same. This makes for both parents now both being deceased. I never imagined my best friends and my first two loves would be gone. 

Also, please allow me to donate/pray for beverages/food for the next meet up. I would be happy to send a check for refreshments/meals in memory of my Mom. 

Thank you! 





Sandi Chambers

Jun 27, 2016

This is pure awesomeness! 



Aileen Alexandria 

May 23, 2016

Thank you--that was great inspiration & encouragement!